Our purpose is to make health and beauty simple for people of color.

Our Story

Our vision is to build the world’s most consumer-centric health and beauty products company, inspiring unprecedented consumer loyalty.
We want every single household in the world to know and love our brands.

Our Values

  • Courage

    Our vision requires the courage and conviction to believe that we will build a great company that changes the world.

  • Inspiration

    Inspiration is in the soul of everything we make and sell. A laser focus and attention to craft, to detail, to colors, to ingredients, to experience. Our success requires it.

  • Respect

    Our community requires and deserves our respect. They’re the reason we can be inspired and excited to come to work every single day.

  • Judgment

    We are our brands. We are responsible for every single action we take, everything we deliver to consumers' homes and every single interaction they have with us.

  • Wellness

    We eat well, we sleep well, we keep fit and we care to help and support each other and our families.

  • Loyalty

    We are loyal to a great workplace and team. We are committed to building a great, lasting company for the long term. We're playing to win and will give it the effort and focus it deserves.

Our Brands


The most trusted grooming solutions for him.

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Simple, luxurious hair care for her.

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Our Press

  • “The first brand under his Walker & Co. is Bevel, a shaving line with sleek, vintage-inspired products that combat razor burn, a particular problem for black men.”

  • “There seemed a need for Walker & Co.—and an opportunity, especially if the company could eventually customize products for a range of minorities.”

  • “I felt there was a need to build a consumer packaged goods company around the needs of people of color, leveraging all that I've learned in Silicon Valley.”

Our Team

Our team has great experience building and growing many beloved consumer technology and product brands. We have the support and financial backing of top-tier venture capital firms and angel investors. We dream big. We love to compete. We like to have fun.
  • Tristan Walker
    Founder & CEO
  • Jaimel Gauda
    Customer Success
  • Cassidy Blackwell
  • Romy Macasieb
  • Iyore Olaye
  • Khaaliq DeJan
  • Will Gibby
  • Quinnton Harris
  • David Le
  • Trevor Jackson
    Customer Success
  • Damon Hastings
  • Ajene Green
  • Elaine Nguyen
    Customer Success
  • Joseph Nguyen
  • Manoj Parashar
  • Senthil Arivudainambi
  • Joanne Hsieh
  • Ernie Morales
    Customer Success
  • Eunice Lee
  • Dao Huynh
    Customer Success
  • Jose Jaime
  • Tomara Watkins
  • Lauren Coull
  • Sheena Kerawala
    Customer Success


We are looking for the most talented individuals across marketing, engineering, product and design functions to join our family and accelerate our growth while helping us build a great company.

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