Walker & Company Brands Announces Expansion into Women’s Hair Care with FORM  

New Prestige Hair Care Collection Celebrates Beauty in All Its Forms


PALO ALTO, CA – JUNE 20, 2017Walker & Company announced today its expansion into women’s hair care with the introduction of a new prestige hair collection, FORM. The FORM Collection will help make hair care simpler, by offering products specifically designed for individual hair needs. For women of all hair textures, the FORM Collection is personal, versatile and minimizes guesswork.

FORM’s differentiated, personal approach starts with taking a short online FORM Consultation, where women are matched with a FORM Regimen that specifically addresses their individual needs. Each person who takes the FORM Consultation is delivered customized product combinations and usage instructions for a personal hair care experience. This educational model will help women better understand their own hair needs and find the right products for it – a problem that more than 73% percent of women still face.

Customers can also take this personal approach one step further by participating in a beta-test of the FORM Hair Microscope Analysis Process (FORM Hair M.A.P.). The process involves customers sending in a hair sample that is scanned and analyzed by FORM’s team to not only educate the customer, but also ensure that their regimen is best suited to their unique needs.


“Since the company’s inception, we’ve been working to bring this collection to life as part of our commitment to making health and beauty simple for people of color,” said Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company Brands. “We understand the huge opportunity in this vastly underserved market and have a proven track record of bringing health and beauty products to market that both fill a void, and more importantly, work.”


The FORM Collection was developed by a team of seasoned health and beauty experts using fortified, natural ingredients designed to continually improve hair health over time. At launch, the FORM Collection includes ten products, ranging from $22 – $32, and offers a number of customized product combinations for a personalized hair care experience every day. Products include:



FORM is the sister brand of Bevel, known for its Shave System and Trimmer. Both brands are owned by Walker and Company. FORM is currently available for purchase at


About Walker & Company Brands

Walker & Company Brands is a family of brands designing health and beauty solutions for people of color. Our vision is to build the the world’s most consumer-centric health and beauty products company, inspiring unprecedented customer loyalty. Walker & Company launched with the introduction of the Bevel brand in 2013. Bevel provides grooming products and services designed to help reduce razor bumps and skin irritation. FORM, the first women’s prestige hair care collection to celebrate beauty in all its forms, is now available for order at To learn more about Walker & Company Brands, visit